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Kai-Zen CSY5

 CSY5®Kai-Zen offers upside stock market potential up to the cap, with no downside risk, designed for households with over $100K annual income and healthy individuals between ages 18 and 65.


BQ Financial works directly with suppliers NIW and all core operators at the highest IMO level, which in turn ensures that BQ's level of support is the highest for BQ agents and clients.

BQ Financial provides CSY5 customers with unique membership benefits, so that members can participate in and share CSY5 on the one hand, creating reasonable opportunities for tax deduction and tax saving; on the other hand, they can get double financial and spiritual rewards!

Abstract Background

BQ Financial has done a great job deploying CSY5/Kai-Zen and multi-operator solutions to provide solutions to the top 10 financial challenges:


Want to invest/save more, but can’t afford it


Pay too much tax


High inflation


The market (stock market/coin market) is too risky


Bad choice/human error


Missed opportunity


Impact of serious illness/disability/death on family


Not enough time for money to grow


There is a lack of simple and systematic investment and financial management comparison tools, and it is impossible to make horizontal comparisons to make truly wise choices

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Frequently Asked Questions

CSY5 Client Testimonials

When they first heard about the "CSY5®️God of Wealth" project, the reaction of most people was: "too good to be true!"

Please listen to the following how the top 100 customers over the years comment on the tax-saving insurance financial plan of "CSY5 God of Wealth"!

From their sharing, I hope you can find beneficial help for yourself! Sincerely thank the top 100 customers for their sincere sharing!

Kai-Zen 財神爺 CSY5 客戶推薦

Kai-Zen 財神爺 CSY5 客戶推薦
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CSY5®️ Client Testimonial - Yan Ma
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CSY5®️ Client Testimonial - Yan Ma

CSY5®️ Client Testimonial - Robert & Jackie
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CSY5®️ Client Testimonial - Robert & Jackie

CSY5®️ Client Testimonial - Xiaobing Wang
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CSY5®️ Client Testimonial - Xiaobing Wang

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