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Our Advantages

BQ Financial Services, or BQ of New York Inc. was co-founded in 2002 by Robert Jin who started as a MetLife agent in 1995.

Throughout these years BQ has become the leading life insurance BGA and a nationally recognized and client-trusted IMO. BQ Financial works direct with Vendor NIW and all core carriers at the highest IMO levels, which in turn, ensures the levels of BQ compensation and support, are all at the highest for BQ agents and clients.

We elect the most popular products from hundreds of insurers, which optimizes the selection of the right products for BQ customers.


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What makes us unique?

As the saying goes: "If you‘re given a fish, your hunger for one meal is solved; if you’re  taught how to fish, your problem of making a living is solved!"

BQ offers far more than "give you a fish":  we help you "catch fish" at your comfortable levels by providing, either RILA, equivalent to a "fishing rod" with an automatic capture function for individuals, or an advanced "fishing boat" CSY5, leveraged for high-income earners/families/groups; For CSY5 owner and their families, we provide an opportunity for entrepreneur tax-saving practice.

For those aged 60 and older, we offer IRMA tax planning and/or wealth transfer.

Many taxpayers invest heavily only in ordinary investment accounts. Not to mention the possibility of losing money, even if they make money and don't use it, they must pay taxes whenever they gain. Others put money in bank IRA accounts every year: although it is tax-deducted, the principle "sleeps" in place, depreciating for fear of marketing risk; Still others can't even open a tax-free Roth IRA due to their income over the contribution limit!

We offer solutions to all the above drawbacks, by helping you open the proper account, including a “backdoor” Roth IRA, automatically capture maximal performance, lock in gains, and reduce/eliminate taxes/risks/losses! 

Moreover, we can “give” you OPM (other people's money) to earn substantially more income, potentially tax-free while asleep! 

BQ Financial’s Mission:


By providing the BQ Financial "Tri-Parks" to you as taxpayers, we can help you minimize your taxes/risks/losses and maximize your potential for your pension & protection, self-reliantly and effectively, so you can enjoy more financial freedom and happier life!

BQ Financial

Making the right choice is more important than working hard! 

BQ Financial is the first independent American JinShang general insurance brokerage company in the United States. It is not controlled by any other company. In terms of business model and product selection, it follows the Blue Ocean Strategy. All the flagship products have been selected from hundreds of carriers according to our evolved/improved Selection Letter Criteria “PR-SSS-TD-5LI”:


PRSSST/L Selection Criteria





















esigned to sustain the hardest economic conditions.

Unique to CSY5


 + 1 living benefits/5 companies joined efforts.




LIA "Interactive Learning Insider Access"



People under age 60 and above 21,  may find it helpful to have the following as their goals towards realizing the American dream:

  • One career and/or a self-owned business;

  • Two houses (one as residence and  the other as investment); 

  • Three RILA accounts: a tax-free Roth IRA, a tax-deductible individual retirement account, and a employer-sponsored plan like 401(k);

  • Three CSY5 plans;

Try to start with your life insurance and RILA account first, apartment second and first CSY5 before 45;

People age 60+ should complete/start your planning for your retirement, Medicare (IRMAA tax, although to begin at age 65), estate tax/legacy planning, in order to enhance your financial freedom & happiness when you retire.Besides, instead of leaving much cash to hiers, which may get wastfully spent, it’s better for you to open RILA or CSY5 plans for/on your children. We may even help them start their own sharing economy with CSY5 business! Reaching your financial goals while being able to help your next generation accomplish theirs, would be your next level accomplishment! Don’t you agree?

Whenever you/your family undergo major life changes, such as:40 months before your children starting to enter college or 3 months before college graduation;Marriage, child birth, career promotion, salary increase, buying or selling a house, job layoff……You should consider adjusting your financial plans in a timely manner. 

Top Insurers and Partners 

As the earliest independent multi-carrier life insurance JinShang company in the United States, after practicing over 20 years of “Selecting Top Insurers from over Hundreds", we have formed a good cooperative relationship with several top insurance companies, which ensures that BQ Financial will excel in the selection of product and platforms to serve you!


Schedule a 15-minute 1-1 online demo today and test-drive the entire program by yourself


626 RXR Plaza

6th Floor Uniondale

NY 11556 


(718) 886-5525



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