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Nobody likes to pay taxes, nor does anyone to miss gains in the market due to volatility and lose money due to absence of downside protection!


What’re your greatest financial nightmares?

  1. A serious illness/disability/death in the family may wipe out all my savings;

  2. I can’t afford to set aside enough money for retirement! 

  3. I pay too much taxes, and have maxed out all tax-advantaged retirement plans!


Let’s solve them all by BQ Flagship Products and  unique processes through “BQ Financial Tri-Parks”: 

1) Basic RILA, 
2) Advanced CSY5, and 
3) CSY Member Practice/Benefits!


Flagship Products

That’s exactly why all taxpayers and professionals, along with their prospective clients, should get to know, understand, and own these two BQ flagship products/platforms! According to experts, these two are the most recent innovations & epoch-making breakthroughs in the industry!

You may wonder why you have never heard of RILA and CSY5 before. 

Two reasons account for the ignorance of RILA:

1. Both security AND life insurance licenses are required; however, 99% of security-licensed professionals are not life insurance licensed, and vice versa;

2. Most dually-licensed are not allowed by their employer or Broker/Dealer due to channel conflict.


Similarly, many life producers aren’t allowed to sell IUL-based CSY5 by their employers!


Our advice: consult with an advisor who is not only authorized to recommend the product but also owns it. Otherwise, you can’t avoid a similar embarrassment:  listening to a “fishing expert” who has never gone fishing before!

Kai-Zen + CSY Membership = CSY5 (Capital Savior for You, 5Pay!), Your Private Pension & Protection plus Member Practice, matchless in the Industry!

Kai-Zen® CSY5

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Kai-Zen® CSY5 is insured policy of private Pension & Protection for healthy U.S. taxpayers, age 18-65, with household annual income of $100k or more. 

CSY5  is designed to sustain the hardest economic conditions and, if qualified, has no contribution limits of the ususal qualified plans like 401k! 

If RILA is like a “fishing rod” made by one company, equipped with the automatic catching function, then CSY5 is like a “fishing boat”,  made jointly by 5 companies from investment, insurance, banking and trust, and equipped with all modern fishing technology!  

CSY5 simply means more money for your retirement contributions and more opportunity to double/triple your retirement  income & insurance protection while avoiding all market risks! Better still,  you pay only 5 annual premiums to obtain your lifetime benefits while asleep!

Schedule a 15-30 minute 1-1 online demo today to see if you are eligible to CSY5 Program!

Three Parks

BQ Financial Tri-Parks

To achieve financial freedom, you as a taxpayer must take effective actions.  BQ Financial Tri-Parks offer you a roadmap for your actions: Basic RILA Park ... Advanced CSY5  Park... CSY Member Practice Park, leading you in different stages with different financial strategies and action guides, so you can minimize your risks/taxes and maximize your wealth, while achieve your financial freedom and enjoy your happy life!

3 major functions 

3 Retirement Plans 

w/ 4 tax strategies 

$100k Annual, couple/single 

5 Annual Premiums Only 

Up to 300% Match/OPM

Double/Triple Benefits 

15 minutes zoom

to pre-qualify

Advanced CSY5 Park


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